Research Interest: Polymer Physics, Complex Condensed Matter Physics

(1) Computational and fundamental study of self-organized order in multi-component polymeric alloys: multi-block copolymers and star terpolymers. We intend to find novel co-continuous structures and complex crystalline or quasi-crystalline ones.

(1) Monte Carlo Simulations of Self-organized Structures

Some examples:

→ ABC linear block copolymers

→ ABC star block copolymer

→ ABCD star block copolymers: Cell crystals

→ Diagonal Bond Method

→ Polymeric quasicrystals

→ Archimedean Tiling phases

→ ICQ9

(2) Study of Confined Polymers

→ Undulation effect (poster)

→ Curvature effect 1 & Curvature effect 2

→ Voronoi space division of a polymer (poster)

(3) Physics of Quasicrystals

→ ICQ9

1D Fibonacci quasicrystals

→ Self-similar polynomials

Ising models on Penrose, dual Penrose, diced, and Kagome lattices

Phason unlocking phase transition in icosahedral quasicrystals and the Ising model

Anisotropic phason flips

→ Plastic deformations without dislocations

Moving beyond softmatter

Labo Up Close

Mens at Work