Dodecagonal quasicrystal in a polymeric alloy

Tomonari Dotera

Pilosophical Magazine 87, pp.3011-3019 (2007)

(Aperiodic 2006, 2006 Sept)

Published on line 08 Dec., 2006

Small corrections have been found.

In Eq.(6), 1/6 should be 1/2.

In Eq.(7), 7/6 should be 4/3.

Accordingly, Fig.3(a) has been changed a little.


A simple Landau theory of three-component alloy systems under incompressible condition is investigated, which appears to give regions of the phase diagram in which Archimedean tiling phases are stable in two-dimensions. Moreover, we find regions where dodecagonal and decagonal quasicrystals appear to be stable. Alexander-MacTague and Mermin-Troian theories of weak crystallization are revisited.


Keywords: quasicrystals; polymers; phase stability, self-assembly; approximants; Archimedean tilings