Dodecagonal quasicrystal in a polymeric alloy

T. Dotera and T. Gemma

Pilosophical Magazine 86, pp.1085-1091 (2006)

(ICQ9: Ninth International Conference on Quasicrystals, 2005 May)


We report the formation of an approximant of a dodecagonal quasicrystal in a quasi-two-dimensional lattice Monte Carlo simulation of a star-shaped three component polymeric alloy. It is associated with the recent striking experimental manifestation of the complex Archimedean tiling ( consisting of triangles and squares, related to the $\sigma$ phase in the Frank-Kasper family, but whose edge length is about 80 nm. The simulation box with periodic boundary conditions (128*128*10) can be regarded as the Stampfli inflation of the ( tiling, an approximant of the dodecagonal quasicrystal. The corresponding edge length of deflated squares and triangles is thought to be about 300 nm. Furthermore, the phason dynamics of the deflated square-triangle tiling is observed at an elevated temperature.


quasicrystals; polymers; alloys; self-assembly; approximants; Monte-Carlo simulation