ricontinuous Cubic Structures in ABC/A/C Copolymer and Homopolymer Blends

Tomonari Dotera

Phys. Rev. Lett. 89 (2002), 205502

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sing Monte Carlo lattice simulation technique, we present numerical evidence of the formation of gyroid and nongyroid tricontinuous cubic phases in high polymeric systems of ABC/A/C triblock copolymer and homopolymer blends. By increasing the volume fraction of homopolymer, a remarkable phase sequence G (gyroid) → D (diamond) → P (primitive) is observed, which is common to certain surfactant systems. Our results indicate that the ABC triblock copolymer system with blending homopolymers may be a zoo of cubic phases, suitable for comparative studies of these phases.


gyroid, ABC block copolymer, double diamond, primitive, cubic phase, tricontinuous, multicontinuous, bicontinuous, minimal surface