Research Interest: Polymer Physics, Complex Condensed Matter Physics

Computational and fundamental study of self-organized order in multi-component polymeric alloys: multi-block copolymers and star terpolymers. We intend to find novel co-continuous structures and complex crystalline or quasi-crystalline ones.

(1) Monte Carlo Simulations of Self-organized Structures
 Some examples:
 ABC linear block copolymers
 ABC star block copolymer
 ABCD star block copolymers: Cell crystals
 Diagonal Bond Method
  Polymeric quasicrystals
  Archimedean Tiling phases
(2) Study of Confined Polymers
  Undulation effect (poster)
  Curvature effect 1 & Curvature effect 2

 Voronoi space division of a polymer (poster)
(3) Physics of Quasicrystals
  Polymeric quasicrystals
  Archimedean Tiling phases
 1D Fibonacci quasicrystals
  Self-similar polynomials
 Ising models on Penrose, dual Penrose, diced, and Kagome lattices
 Phason unlocking phase transition in icosahedral quasicrystals and the Ising model
Anisotropic phason flips
  Plastic deformations without dislocations
Moving beyod softmatter

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