Microphase Separation Morphology in Multiblock Copolymer Melts Obtained from Monte Carlo Simulations

Tomonari Dotera, Akira Hatano, and Tohru Gemma

Kobunshi Ronbunshu 56 (1999), pp.667-673

A lattice polymer simulation method called diagonal bond method is discussed: Why does the method enable us to simulate complex morphologies? We demonstrate cell crystalline structures for ABCD star block copolymers, and cylindrical structures for asymmetric ABC star block copolymers. A common geometric constraint for these starblock copolymers is explicitly given. For ABC triblock copolymers, we have obtained four structures: gyroid, double-diamond, lamellar, and cylindrical structures. For all structures in this paper pictorial presentation is given.

Key words: Block Copolymer, Microphase Separation, Computer Simulation, Cell Crystal, Starblock Copolymer, Gyroid Structure